Super Duo

Super Duo is a short and simple card game where you'll never win alone. Collect cards and play missions, and in the end, choose a side kick to join you to complete the quest.

Available at Gamekeeper

Super Duo is available at the Game Keeper in Amsterdam.

Available at Coolstuff Inc.

Super Duo is now available at Coolstuff Inc.

Super Duo at Spiel 2014

Super Duo will be at Spiel 2014 in Essen (16 - 19 October) with a special limited edition mission card. You can find us in hall 2 booth 2F-112 together with our collegue from Rifugio. We invite you to visit us for a quick game and a chat.

Available Now

Super Duo is available in a limited first edition of 1000 copies. Get yours here, or at our booth in Essen, where you will get a special mission card.

Are you ready to begin your quest?

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